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 epis letter

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PostSubject: epis letter    epis letter  EmptyThu Jan 17, 2013 11:43 am

listen pink..
[8:31:26 AM] Nikos Skoufos: I didnt like your whole attitude.
[8:31:45 AM] Nikos Skoufos: lately
[8:31:53 AM] Nikos Skoufos: you were acting very wiredly
[8:32:06 AM] Nikos Skoufos: you were acting like we were your slaves
[8:32:10 AM] Nikos Skoufos: and things.
[8:32:13 AM] Nikos Skoufos: i just play for fun
[8:32:53 AM] Nikos Skoufos: and i want to be happy.thats all..Me and Kro are friends,so we decided that we want to have fun and not be under that situation..For sure nakama helped us a lot..
[8:33:00 AM] Nikos Skoufos: But we had to make a choise..
[8:33:03 AM] Nikos Skoufos: Thanks for all
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epis letter
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